mardi 5 novembre 2002

Corse- Matin : Les arbitres jouent le jeu

Corse- Matin : Parties ludiques sur la diagonale du fou : Anand beats Karpov in Corsica

It was a tense affair, with three-time rapid chess winner Vishy Anand losing the first of two games against Anatoly Karpov at the Corsica Open. But the Indian superstar came back strongly with a fine win in game two. After that the first two tie-break games were drawn, but then Anand showed his strength in the blitz, winning both games to take the title. This should take him to the top of the Rapid Rating List. You will find the results and games here.

lundi 4 novembre 2002

Corse- Matin : Impact touristique de l'Open d'échecs

Corse- Matin : Reussite confirmé pour l'Open de Bastia

Corse-Matin : Un Russe sur le podium

Corse-Matin : Alex Rustemov remporte le tournoi d'échecs de Bastia : Another rapid chess final with Anatoly Karpov

Does the picture look familiar? For the third time in recent months we see Anatoly Karpov in the final of a world-class rapid chess event. After the Eurotel Trophy and the recent Cap d'Agde event the 12th world champion is now facing Vishy Anand in the final of the Corsica International Open. The games will be played on Monday, November 4th. More

dimanche 3 novembre 2002 : Vlad Tkatchiev rules in Corsica

50 GMs from 32 different countries and a total of 350 players. Of these 16 qualified for the prestigious Masters, including Vladislav Tkatchiev, who displayed a stratospheric performance of 2807. The flamboyant Vlad joins Anand, Shirov, Karpov, Dreev, Jussupov and other top players in the quarterfinals today. You can watch live coverage at the on Europe-Echecs website, who have provided us with this report from Corsica.